Fitness with Cia at KING'S.

In conjunction with Cia's Body Works, a few fitness options are available to Community Members, Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Students of the University of King's College.

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Here's what we currently offer.

Training may be held in the King's Athletics Building at the corner of Lord Dalhousie Dr. and Castine Way (map).

Personal Training

Would you like to reach and maintain your fitness goals with a workout program developed specifically for you? Internationally Certified, Halifax based Personal Trainer, Cia Tweel, can offer you the expertise, guidance, variety and motivation needed to get started, or greatly improve your personal fitness... all while having a bit of fun! Contact us, with your questions.

YOGA with Cia!

A weekly, gentle Hatha and Flow Yoga class, for adults of all ages and skill levels, including beginners, designed to help to you relax, de-stress, stretch, strengthen and energize your body and mind. Mondays and Thursdays at 5 - 6:00 pm, in the fitness studio (new location). More info & classes at YOGA with Cia!
Please bring your own yoga mat.*

LT-T YOGA with Cia!

A weekly Yoga Flow class to de-stress and energize your day. Come find your balance and have a few laughs. No previous experience neccessary, just a desire to have fun & re-energize! LunchTime-Tuesdays, 12:15 - 1pm., in the fitness studio (new location). More info & classes at YOGA with Cia!
Remember, it's only $5 Drop-ins, for LunchTime-Tuesdays!

Here are some comments I've received.

These lovely people were not paid, or coerced too badly for their input.

George T.H. Cooper

“From a standing start over 8 weeks I already feel like Charles Atlas, but without the agony. Thanks!”

Caroline S. - student

“Thanks Cia for working so hard to make me work hard! Having thoughtful motivation along the way really made a difference for my mind and body!”

Melissa J. - student

“I found my time with Cia to be extremely beneficial. I have changed not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. It was worth it.”

Ms. W. Grant

"Fun class to be part of, with great music and a nice variety of dance styles. Geared to people over 50, so a little slower pace, comfortable and accepting. I really enjoy it. Good work-out."

Joanne M

"I started doing fun 50 dance with Cia about 10 weeks ago; love the class, very fun & releases a lot of work stress, when I can do it on my lunch class. Dance is excellent for the memory and Cia works us well with energy and memory’s. Very pleasurable. Thank you Cia"


"I’ve really enjoyed the classes - quite different from my usual Ashtanga - but always feel relaxed & energized by the end of class!!
Very positive experience"

Anne Marie Ryan

"I had no idea how much of a difference two hours a week of Cia’s Yoga could make to my flexibility & strength - its been incredible! I really appreciate Cia’s calm & supportive way, and her encouragement and support. I could not have asked for a better intro to yoga - and look forward to more years to come!"

Kerri Ryan

"Engaging class that moves at a calm pace while maintaining movement and interest. A great way to de-stress in a very stressful time and bringing mindful awareness of my body. The focus shifts from class to class so you never get too stagnant and you are able to bring awareness to aspects you might otherwise neglect or forget."

Ms. Wendy Grant P.T.

"Very respectful and inclusive instructor.
No judgement.
Moves at her student’s pace.
Solicits input about what emphasis to place on a class.
I’m enjoying it and sticking with it, in a way that is rare for me."

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